Team Retreats

We start with an assessment (telephone and/or questionnaire based, and sometimes an in person meeting) – which focuses on what the issues are for you, what your objectives are and what is not working in the team.

The assessment also usually includes an evaluation of team / organisational values. It is striking that the most successful organisations have stated values and that there are many similarities in those values – generally areas that this offer can enhance – such as valuing staff, valuing the planet, integrity, etc. We have experience within the key personnel at engaging in such organisational values work at a deep level in a range of different organisations.

Team awaydays are so 20th century – the Team Retreat gives all the benefits of the old team awayday but without the drawbacks.

Corporate awaydays have a long established usefulness. Whilst been criticism of the classic competitive outdoor team building event, they are still popular. Perhaps because people instinctively know what, ecopsychology is now finding a strong evidence base for: being in the outdoors is good for mental and physical wellbeing. There have been successful attempts to develop a more reflective approach to using the outdoors in leadership development (see for example: Watson & Vasilieva 2007). MEND builds on these approaches to bring you the Team retreat, like an awayday but without the competitiveness and sending your team away with mindfulness tools to improve their resilience.

We bring a unique synthesis of team building, organisational understanding and mindfulness to bring out the best in your team.

The Team retreat consists of standard mindfulness exercises, using a mindfulness state of mind to let us explore the difficulties in the team and seek resolution; building kindness as a route to team cohesion. Led walks in the beauty of nature to develop reflective thinking interspersed into the event.


The Simple Team Retreat Is A Cheap No Nonesense Approach. It includes:

  • Telephone consultation to assess your needs
  • Design & delivery of a one-day mindfulness focussed team building event in countryside close to your operational base (to reduce your travel costs)
  • The Standard Team Development Programme Includes an indepth telephone & questionnaire based assessment of needs
  • Delivery of an in-house half- day introductory session introducing mindfulness techniques appropriate to your needs
  • A self-teach programme for the team to develop their skills in the mindfulness based approaches over a two-month period
  • A two-day (one night) retreat in countryside close to your base – consolidating the learning, firmly embedding your organisational values


The full programme consists of an in-house assessment

  • An eight-week (2hour per week) Mindfulness Based Living course held in-house for your team – the gold standard for mindfulness training – with a solid evidence base.
  • Followed by a three-day (two-night) Wilderness Retreat
  • Incorporating unique elements planned for you team, gentle walks in the stunning surroundings of Englands highest peaks, full digital detox, a reboot for the team brain


Comments from participants on a Mindfulness Based Team Retreat

Thought provoking and good it included practical techniques to use


I enjoyed learning more about mindfulness and how I could put it into practice


I have enjoyed this training experience especially learning about mindfulness


Raised awareness around mindfulness. Good set of activities


Brilliant day! I really enjoyed it and it has really encouraged me to complete my mindfulness course


Really enjoyed getting out and about and inspired me to do more


Informal, interesting, good day


Very enjoyable, great facilitators, fab venue, good food, interesting content J


Enjoyed the intro to mindfulness, the venue and the day!


Enjoyed the surroundings and pace of the day – often having too much to do and heavy workshops doesn’t make it feel like a day out the office – and today was! J


Learning something new. Enjoyed getting fresh air


Enjoyable day. Great to take time out of work to reflect. Well facilitated